Our enterprise

JUNGA Ltd manufacturer of rubber parts and adhesion specialist.

Sister company of EFJM based in France and member of the Shuxing group, we have been established in Mauritius for 12 years.

Certified ISO 9001 and EN 9100, we have more than 40 different raw materials certified FDA and aeronautical.

We are able to produce rubber parts according to your specifications:

  • O-Rings, Flat Seals, L-Seals, Shaped Seal.
  • Bellows, Valves.
  • Stops, Plates.

We also have a design office to carry out your parts from machining to bonding:

  • Pistons.
  • Bushels.
  • Membranes.

Our team


In figures

  • 98% of deadlines respected.
  • Shuxing Group: more than 50 years of experience.
  • € 3,000,000 in turnover.
  • + 1,500,000 parts produced per year.
  • + 10,000 molds available.
  • + 5 000 adhered parts produced per year.
  • + 600recognized customers such as Airbus Aerospace, Thales or Safran.